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001:You're not wanted. Go away.

002:Who's house? MY house.

Last Update:January 21st, 2004
This Update:April 10th, 2004
Quite the stretch, hmm? Would've been just wasn't. This isn't much of an update, due to one big problem...MY COMPUTER DIED. Essentially. Everything had to be re-uploaded, and much still to be done. The stories are fine, but because of the fact that the computer got a few upgrades, here's what'll happen, once I reinstall Adobe Photoshop:
All stories will be HTML format, and will have pictures. Thass HTML format will allow them to be read by everyone. How do I know?...If you're on the internet, I'm pretty sure you can handle HTML. So, yeah. All stories are taken down temporailily...I'm so not sure if I spelt that right. Whateva. Here's a new comic, as a sort of minor peace treaty.
"The readers have REJECTED your proposal."

Damn it...threaten to destroy Glasgow... (If you've ever played Call to Power II, you'll get this."


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Guess what's REEEEEAAAALLLLYY funny? Go on...guess.
Exar:WHAT Box?
You didn't have Crossed Wires up until THIS UPDATE! GWAHAHA!
Exar:SHHH! Nobody reads them, they didn't notice!
You forgot! You got so hyped about it, and BAM! No story! GYARHARHAR!
Exar:Damn you box. Damn you to hell.

I will be using many sprites during my comics. I try and make sure I get permission from the owners, but if I have missed a copyright or something, I would like the original owner of the sprite to E-Mail me at Exar AT If you allow me to use the sprite, I thank you greatly, but if not, I shall no longer use the sprites. All Material Except That Already Copyrighted by Capcom, Coca-Cola, or other Misc. Companies, Copyrighted by Exar 2001-2004. That means my sprite. Don't steal my stuff, unless your perfect death would be a little red dot aimed aimed at your forehead. Oh, except for Auto's Sprites. Those would be his. If you don't know  who THE Auto is, then get off my website...or go to the links page. Whatever.